"An Enigma." South Florida Sun Sentinel


"Impeccable Musicianship" Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)


"Carl Schmid is a top notch professional musician with incredible aptitude and prowess as a seasoned player. As a person, in my opinion, because of his experiences he is an angel on earth in his manner and actions in helping others. The genuine article - a great fiddle playin' soul with positive vibrations for days!" Jason Newsted (Metallica, Chophouse Band)


"The band's Jazz Fest set was a revelation to me - jamband bonhomme and Luisiana Stroll spiced with Klezmer Style violin and funeral parade horns, what you'd get if Phish had been born at Tipitinas and studied under George Clinton and Frank Zappa late night on the levee." David Fricke, Rolling Stone


"Schmid draws on a number of styles to create a razor sharp sound that oozes with energy." Denver Post


"The most memorable part of my wedding, by far, was the music by Carl. He went out of his way to learn a few difficult requests for us, and our guests remarked that it was, by far, the best music they'd ever heard at a wedding, bar none." Preston Mayfield, Atlanta GA


"We hired Carl for a birthday celebration for my father in law. Carl went above and beyond for us, staying an extra hour after our reservation got changed unexpectedly. His music is of the highest caliper, and he was the epitome of classy and professional." Robert Hales, Asheville NC


"The most best part of my stay at RU was the music and meditation groups by Carl. I suffer from crippling anxiety and clinical depression and struggled for years to get it under control. Carl took the time to work with me to quiet my mind and let myself go on a musical journey. The results have been remarkable. I feel like a new person, and I've never felt better about my chances of staying clean and sober."  JM, Fort Lauderdale FL


"Carl Schmid - What a talent! After hearing Carl perform with a local band, we hired him to play solo for our annual D'art for Art fundraiser. He was incredible! His energy, professionalism, versatility and charisma really had the crowd begging for more. We booked Carl for next years event the following day!" Lisa DiBlasio Hoyer, Lighthouse Artcenter Gallery, Tequesta FL


"I met Carl when I was in treatment for my opiate (oxycodone) addiction. Being with a majority of young heroin addicts, I did not exactly feel like it was the right place for me, as I felt my addiction wasn't as bad as the other people who were also in treatment. I was ready to check myself out. I told him how I felt and what he said really resonated with me. Thank goodness I stayed and had the opportunity to talk to him, because I have been clean ever since. Carl brought his remarkable talents on the violin, with meditation and live music into a few of our groups each week. It was so uplifting - I always looked forward to them. He brought us smiles, laughs, and music when we needed it the most." LS, Fort Lauderdale FL


"Carl Schmid and the Grace Notes Project has been instrumental in providing a wonderful addition at Reflections Wellness Center, LLC in the care of clients with chronic and pervasive mental health issues. The Grace Notes Project has performed for our clients on a volunteer basis, which has had a profound effect. Their music has been able to uplift clients struggling from depression, and calm clients with anxiety and other psychotic type issues. Our clients and the staff look forward to their visits as the Grace Notes Project has been able to make a positive impact in all of our lives." Eileen Grove, LCSW, Reflections Wellness Center, Hollywood FL