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Carl founded the Grace Notes Project in early 2017 while living in Austin Texas.  The nonprofit pairs artists and musicians in recovery from mental health or substance use disorder with opportunities to serve their local special needs, elderly, at-risk and underserved populations by bringing free or low cost concerts or events to them. With every "recovery model" stressing the importance of service and amends to the healing/recovery process, The Grace Notes Project is an experiential lesson in gratitude and service for both the musician and the audience. Since its inception, the non profit has partnered with numerous facilities in 3 states, performing for a wide variety of audiences and clinical settings. Ideal settings for this project are assisted living facilities, memory care, hospitals, homeless shelters, special needs facilities, etc. Carl can gauge the needs of the facility by demographic and financial need, and arrange a truly memorable concert for the facility free of charge, or at a vastly discounted rate. 


Covid hit the music business especially hard, and made it difficult to bring music into any facility, much less a healthcare facility. As there Grace Notes Project rebuilds, we need your help to offset costs. We have partnered with Common Ground Development in Lake Worth to get back up and running post-Covid. Here's a link where you can donate, and we thank you kindly for your continued support!



Thanks to our good friends at Common Ground Community Development